Friday, April 9, 2010

What's in these?

Back in April I had made an amazing (if I do say so myself) banana chocolate chip loaf... well this past week in Florida while visiting some friends, I decided to whip up a batch as muffins. Not that I pride myself as a follower of Jessica Seinfeld but these muffins do happen to have both apples and bananas in them, therefore effectively making them both healthy and delicious (oh yeah and amazingly chocolaty!) So as I was saying, I made these cupcake for a the cutest little boy ever- who happens to hate bananas. So when He asked me to list the ingredients (bare in mind he's 4!) I obviously left out the key ingredient to "banana muffins" being bananas! I swear kids will eat anything if you trick em with chocolate- but maybe don't take parenting advice from me. I made 2 dozen and a week later he's still asking for them!

I believe he was quoted as saying:
"Mom I hope you have the recipe because we need to make these OFTEN! I mean VERY OFTEN" -Max


  1. I mean, Max just LOVES these! We are set out to make some more this weekend! Thanks Jenna for teaching me a way to get some fruit in my child, and especially bananas that he NEVER ever eats!

  2. Have you told him that there are bananas in them yet??

  3. please post the recipie

  4. Just click on the link within the paragraph and it will take you to my older post with the recipe. Thanks


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