Friday, April 9, 2010

Ready... Aim... (food photography lessons)

And were back! I have been away in Miami for Passover (i know poor me :) Just before I left I took a day photography course with Lou Manna. His work is absolutly beautiful! He definitely knows his way around a camera... and somehow he has all of his food coming out so delicious it makes you want to eat the print out. Click here to see his
website or blog. We learned techniques on food photography, lighting, lenses and a whole bunch more and even had some hands on experience in the second half of the class. We were sent out to choose something to photograph... so of course I came back with the hardest thing I could find... MARSHMALLOWS! and of course since playing with them and the "Matzah S'mores", they are the hardest thing to photograph! We had a full closet of props and goodies to choose from... set up your scene and say cheese! or say danish?? Was a great day and learned tons... now to buy all of that amazing equipment so my photography can look half as good as his without photoshopping! hummmm :D

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