Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Cupcake Menorah

First of all I'm so sad Chanukah is over already, it went as fast as it came! But what I will say is it was a great one this year! I was able to be home with my family for most of it and well... the other days we just lit candles together using iChat... ahhhh the modern jewish family :D  Anyway, while I was home my family was invited to a "bring your own menorah and lets light" party. Sad for me cause my menorah was in NYC! Well not to fear, I had  better idea and it included not having to carry anything back after the party was over. I introduce to you the CUPCAKE MENORAH! 8 mini cupcakes, 1 large one for the Shamash and bam your done! This is a definite keeper for next year! :D Thanks Pittel's for a great party! :D

I will say that the oil may have lasted for 8 day... but these cupcakes didn't even last 8 minutes :D
Happy Holidays to Everyone!

and this sums up my family :D

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