Sunday, December 12, 2010

Until I Find the One Who My Soul Loves...

One of dear childhood friends found her soul mate and will be married this January! First off how exciting is that?! Second, it was my absolute pleasure to design the logo for her wedding invitation! And for the engagement party I made them some matching cookies to go along with the invite (see below). Aside from the fact that I love designing invitations because it ties together one of the happiest days of their lives, I also love hearing input and what the big day means to them. Something that stuck with me since working with Elana was the quote she chose... It was nothing like the typical "I am my beloved" type quotes and I think that is what made it even more special and showed how much though went into choosing it. "Until I found the one who my soul Loves". I wish you both years and years of happiness together! I love you dearly! Mazal tov. xoxo


  1. I do not even think these pictures capture the real beauty of the design. When I was struggling to find a design that expressed both through art and through words the celebration of our union, I did not know where to begin. All of the typical designs one can see at invitations stores are impersonal and because the designs were also "templates" for anyone, they did not feel like a work of art. Jenna exceeded all our expectations with her creation. The first draft she sent me i immediately knew this was what i wanted. Thank you Jenna for your talents and being able to tap into peoples mind and express them through your art. It seems that through both the senses of vision and taste you can create what people want.

  2. This is gorgeous Jenna! You are immensely talented...and Mazal Tov to Elana!


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