Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mothers Day Kisses

These are the kind of kisses any mother would want! I mean they are CHOCOLATE! For some reason we had in influx of Mother's Day orders yesterday... I was so bogged down with so many other things I ended up tripling a recipe that already would make 170 cookies... Needless to say the kitchen aid wasn't too happy! I have Aloooottt of batter! Good thing a lot of people want to give their mom kisses!! -and hey, I wouldn't be too upset if I had some left over for me! These are peanut butter, low fat, low sugar and dairy free KISSES!! and if you're jonesen for some email us and ill send them WHEREVER! We sent them out gift packaged with personalized gift cards. Happy Mother's Day! And Kisses to all! Click Here for a similar recipe from a previous post!

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