Sunday, May 2, 2010

Edible Business Cards

NOTE to anyone who tries to make these at home... be prepared to burn yourself! Of course they are absolutely adorable so it was well worth it but still ouchy! Ok so we figured we are donating a gift basket to a charity fundraiser for tomorrow night and thought it would be a deliciously cute idea if we had some type of edible business cards! I tried drawing our information on sugar cookies but that doesn't make too much sense considering they eat your info then its gone! So a bottle of wine and a couple chinese dinners later we were set on making Shortbread fortune cookies! Phase 2 was to find a pink chinese take out box DUH! If any of you have never been to Pearl River Mart in NYC I definitely recommend you put it on your "must see" list! 2 floors and aisles upon aisles of fun crafts and housewares! Of course I go in for a single 1 dollar box and come out spending 40 dollars- I kind of expected it though... let me know what you think...

So in my shopping extravaganza... I found these adorable lunch bags and bought about 5 too many so I am GIVING 1 AWAY! All you have to do is tell me a fortune and let me know where I can reach you if you win! GOOD LUCK! I will announce the winner at random on monday May 17th! Live, Love, SHORTBREAD!


  1. such a cute idea!

  2. I think you are a baking genius.

  3. how do you come up with this stuff!!!!??? amazing!

  4. they turned out so cute!! you are rather impressive ms. short...


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