Tuesday, April 20, 2010

3 Plush ways with Red Velvet

Red velvet cake is one of those worlds mysteries of decadent cakes... so chocolaty yet bright red! So though I had an order for a dozen red velvet cupcakes but for some reason when I made this batch (vegan I might add) I had a ton of batter extra! And well knowing me, I just don't throw things out!
A whole ton of red is used I might add... you may want to buy an extra red food coloring if you want your to look this vibrant! That color doesn't make it's way onto the plate naturally I can tell you that!
So we experimented and make some Bakerella inspired red velvet truffles by using our own cake recipe, white chocolate chocolate for the coating, red sanding sugar for decoration and instead of cream cheese frosting I just used straight up cream cheese. I have always used just cream cheese for all of my truffles because I think theres enough sweetness in the cake itself that the extra salt and tang makes it super delicious! If you really want to take it one step further even, try sprinkling some fleur de sel or sea salt on them as they are drying- its sure to satisfy the food craving of any salty sweet lover!. I contemplated making a red drizzle for over them but I went the sugar route this time :D
And last but VERY not least... we also made a few extra cupcakes and decided it would be such a fun idea to serve in a beautiful wine glass layered with dollops of cream cheese frosting for a small sit down dinner party! Super easy and so classy and elegant looking! Happy baking! I will come back and post the vegan version of these delicious recipes!


  1. how were the cake balls? I tried with home made cake and cream cheese frosting and it was utterly gross. Bakerella usually uses mix and frosting from a can for hers, I thought that was the problem and since I'm not into canned frosting and cake mix, I never tried again. I found the texture to be extremely unappealing.

  2. I actually just used the concept of hers but used my own cake. And instead of the frosting, I did, and always have used just plain cream cheese- it makes a huge difference! Plus I always coat with chocolate, im not a fan of the taste of candy coaters. I have this one recipe I always make that I take any left over cookies I have, throw em into a food processor, add a pack of cream cheese, roll them into balls, chocolate coat them...sprinkle a little fleur de sel.. and pow pow!! HEAVEN!!! even works with a pack of oreos or nutter butters!!! Chef recommended for pms! lol

  3. I think I'll try the cookies (if I ever do it again)
    I just didn't like the texture of the mushed cake and frosting for some reason. It all SOUNDS like a good idea, but for me, not so much.
    Yes, I would never use those candy melts for coating truffles. Ick.
    Hmm, plain cream cheese instead of frosting. Maybe that's the problem.

  4. Yeah it is a gross concept but I freeze them and the crunchyness of the chocolate outside and the salt.... blows people away haha. When you coming to NYC?????


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