Tuesday, April 20, 2010

As Seen In Bon Appétit Magazine!

I can now finally tell everyone that our cupcakes will be featured regionally as a promotion in Bon Appétit Magazine!! What a dream! But I do Have to say that these cupcakes were the most fun to make... EVER!! Maybe because it bridges the gap between my baking and design world! Almost reminded me of playing with play-dough as a kid... I used to eat it then too, maybe thats why i'm such a spaz! Needless to say... Bon Appétit!! Cool part about all of this isn't just creating the physical cupcakes but when we got to go in and witness the photo shoot. Jon even styled the photo that ended up being printed! If you or anyone you know would like to order custom logo/name cupcakes please email us or place an online order through ETSY

Thanks Sam! ;) Best design director i know!


  1. these cupcakes are so pretty! congrats!

  2. I saw those right away when I was flipping through last week! Congratulations, they're beautiful.
    How was it working with the fondant??

  3. considering I didnt have to eat it I wasnt bothered by the taste but youre right wilton is fishy!! But it really was so much fun! when orders calm down a bit im going to for sure make some more of these!! I made some of my own fondant too but the ease of having it already done was kind of nice! Cant wait till you come visit!! :D

  4. Yay - wonderful! Great job! :) Petra


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