Sunday, February 13, 2011

Nothin Says I Love You like Fresh Baked Bread

DISCLAIMER: If you are gluten intolerant you may as well just stop reading right now because what you are about to see might just be too painful!

Aside from the weekly Challah and the occasional pizza party, this was really my first attempt at bread baking. Funny because I am a baker, but I don't sell bread. Therefore, most of my days are filled with cakes, cookies and the like... but not anymore! Don't get me wrong, most of my meals involve a baguette or three, just not homemade- UNTIL NOW! Recently someone very dear to me showed me the light (and this book). Each recipe in this book is more mouth watering than the next and I have been privileged enough to try a few of them. Today I went with a simple whole wheat loaf just to get my juices flowin... "what should I make next" -she asks as she gains 20lbs.

I will also have you know that as I sit and write this post I am eating one of those PBJ slices now and may have dripped a bit on my keyboard... but I don't care! Cause alls good in the world with my bread scented apartment and belly full o' love. Enjoy & Happy Heart Day!

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