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An Interview with Italy

Shortbread NYC was interviewed by NUOK* -READ BELOW-
a dessert buffet at EQUINOX gym on E72nd

Today in New York: Jenna Short
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Jenna Short is a graphic designer who really (really) loves food.

She loves it so much that when she developed a food allergy to lactose (after way too many gelatos), she started experimenting with recipes and ingredients, coming up with a series of very yummy treats which-as she says- are good for every type of diet. This is how Shortbread (this is the name of Jenna’s baking business and “Short” happens to be her last name) was born. And believe me when I tell you that this is THE place to shop for both those who like filthy ‘n’ buttery cupcakes and for the vegan and whole grains lover. In Shortbread’s world you’ll find every delicious and mind blowing baked good you can think of. So, if you want to pamper yourself with something real good, visit her website and blog, get her super exclusive recipes and immediately place an order: home made food has never tasted and looked so good.

:: Why and when did you started Shortbread NYC? It’s funny how I started with SHORTBREAD actually! As a child I used to always come home from school and bake, but it wasn’t until college that I started to develop a real passion for FOOD. By profession I am actually a graphic designer. I graduated from the Art Institute of Boston and Central Saint Martins UK, with a degree in Graphic Design and Photography in 2007.  I actually spent the summer of my junior year in Florence… eating! I mean I ate EVERYTHING! long story short, I ended up gaining 60 lbs in 3 months, and when I started to lose the weight after returning home, I became lactose intolerant. The intolerance slowly turned into a full blown allergy… I guess the moral of that story is try not to eat gelato every time you pass it! Anyway, because I was not able to indulge in all the amazing desserts that I loved, I had to come up with new and healthier ways of getting my sweet fix! I spent months experimenting with my favorite recipes using amazing soy substitutes, fruit juices and whole grains, and I’ll tell you something, it may not be a substitute for the all glorious butter, but it sure is delicious!! Best of all, because everything is healthier, you can always come back for seconds! After spending hours baking for the lactose free lifestyle I started to feel bad for everyone else with a food allergy! I started to research gluten free, vegan, diabetic, nut free and every other dietary restriction you could think of. Now I can proudly say we have “DELICIOUS BAKED GOODS, FOR EVERY DIET!” But don’t worry, we still make the normal full fat desserts upon request!

:: Where do you get your inspiration from? After finishing collage I moved to New York City, and SHORTBREAD was born. I worked as a Graphic Designer at Bon Appétit Magazine which really bridged my two passions of art and food! I met many people in the industry and sold many a dozen delicious treats. I opened an online store and started selling treats at several NYC locations- SHORTBREAD was taking off, as was my freelance design business, and NYC being the hub of all things young, creative and delicious I was out in the entrepreneurial world ready to conquer! On a day to day basis I spend my days baking and designing! I have found that because I have also stuck to design it has given my the inspiration and motivations for many of my ideas and has surely helped on all aesthetic aspects of baking! I now have a partner in all things shortbread, he is the Chef of Bon Appétit Magazine and truly is an inspiration on furthering the brand and quality of SHORTBREAD. Not only do we have the combined knowledge of baking and food but he brings to the table a level of gourmet standards that can only be learnt at a four star level. Together we are going to push SHORTBREAD to new levels and continue to deliver healthy baked goods around the world!I also want to share a quote with all the aspiring entrepreneurs out there who are reading this: “If an opportunity doesn’t knock… BUILD A DOOR!”, as Milton Berle said.

:: Who is your ideal buyer? ANYONE! People who want regular desserts to health nuts to people with dietary restrictions and allergies!

:: What is your favorite NYC place? I would go for: The Park in the summer,  and wine bars in the winter. What is so amazing about NYC is that no matter where you go or what day or time it is, there is always something to do! You can leave your apartment at all hours of the night and people are out drink, eating and celebrating nothing at all. And if you need you can always go home and have your moments of silence again before setting out your door where everything is at your finger tips!

:: Do you think New York can still be considered the place-to-be for young creatives? Absolutely! There are some amazing other cities in this world but NYC just has it all, and so concentrated and SO young!  There are endless possibilities as far as education and resources are concern in New York. I grew up in Boston which is an AMAZING place, but always knew that if I ever wanted to make my stamp on the world I would have to move to NYC. And even though traveling is a true passion of mine I always feel like I have to come back to NY or I will miss something. Even though you are one of millions you still feel like you are apart of something bigger in NY

::  Where do you shop in NYC? Anywhere that has groceries! I love Chelsea Market, Art supply stores and just taking a stroll through the east village on a sunny afternoon! No matter where you live or what your style it NYC is one giant strip mall! Its hard NOT to shop if you live here. I think as far as fashion and latest trends, the east village is the place to be. It is loaded with trendy, one of a kind boutiques where you can have a truly personalized shopping experience!

:: If I say Italy, you say…? LOVE! FOOD! ART! PASTA! WINE! GELATO! mmmmmmmmh!

*Nuok is an online magazine featuring original articles written by Italian journalists, creatives and writers on New York’s lifestyle, food, art, culture and hidden treasures. Updated daily, Nuok is an indispensable guide for everyone passionate about The Big Apple: travelers, residents and dreamers alike. Nuok’s main objective is to redesign New York’s topography from an Italian perspective and without clichés. To recount the city life off the beaten track. To discover the cutting-edge trends and the latest buzz. And to reveal the secrets of how to enjoy the city while spending less. Click here to see the original interview Or read below!

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