Friday, May 7, 2010

Cupcake Dilemma

Ok so you want cupcakes... and you want them fresh and beautiful! And defintly not mashed up... WELL PROBLEM SLOVED! Cupcakes in jars! It's brilliant! You can mail delicious loving cupcakes to people all over the world without the worry of flattened, smooshed, squashed and nasty cupcakes arriving to someones door! Best of all the jars even make the cupcakes last longer! We made a few different kind as we promised from our previous teaser post. The favorites were mint chocolate chip layered with a green mint buttercream and we did a red velvet jar cupcake layered with cream cheese frosting... YUHHMEE!! Theres a company called saint I believe that has come up with a clever way of mailing cupcakes too but are they healthy?? You can order them below and specify your flavor and allergy choice in the cart! I guess you could say... the flavors are ajar?? :D

GIVEAWAY! Were giving away a cute lunch box! Click here for the Mother's Day giveaway!

BUY ME! If you would like to send a dozen of this in the flavor of your choice click below!

1 comment:

  1. Those look so amazing! You are so talented and cute:) Shortbread is going to be huge.



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