Monday, May 17, 2010

Anyone have a Sweet Tooth?

This past weekend I spent it at home in Boston because my mom was being honored at the Boston University Graduation with an award in teaching excellence! So naturally we were inspired to bake something... 



  1. it would be difficult for the above picture to be any cuter

  2. Very adorable! I want some.

    Ronni, you are just beautiful.

    Great photo of Rick but I want to see the OFFSPRING.

    Chris Paige

  3. One of the offspring made these :D

  4. Oh wow I went to BU too - I want to make these!!

  5. Super easy! Some fondants and cookie cutters and you're good to go! And I'm always around if you need help! And duhh we sell them too! :)

  6. are you real life

  7. oh man, i go to BU now. class of 2011...i'll have to make these for my graduation next year!

  8. I admit I'm dazzled by
    the sight of these sweet things
    Not only delectable
    But so entirely aesthetic.
    But as they're unavailable
    To me for the eatings
    You've left me feeling
    Despondent and pathetic.
    As works of art these
    2010 versions are sure fine,
    But at this point
    I could even settle
    For a couple from 2009.

    Congratulations! Not only for the cupcakes you probably ate, but for your
    award. Cheers-Dan

  9. Love it! As a BU student myself, it really caught my eye!


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