Tuesday, December 15, 2009


This past week a customer ordered mini replicas of the Peppermint Meringue cake with Chocolate Buttercream from the cover of Bon App├ętit's December 2009 issue. It started off as a really bad idea... I mean have you read the amount of ingredients that this recipe has in it?! A layer of this, a layer of that... soak this here, beat this there. But I have to say... WOW! This is one of those things that once all the parts are made...the assembly is a blast! Its like the feeling when you put the last piece of the puzzle in... only you can eat this puzzle! So if you ever have a rainy afternoon and a dozen people to feed... this will be your everest! Or you can just order them from me :D Its like a girl scout thin mint cookie cake YUMMMZ! Happy Baking! (Link to the recipe above)

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  1. My family made this cake for Thanksgiving dinner, it was amazing and such a crowd pleaser that we brought some over to the neighbors next door, when they tasted it they felt guilty for taking it from us, so they gave us half of their pecan pie. Thanks!


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