Saturday, September 17, 2011

I've been Dumplinged...

So I have stepped beyond my usual pastry creations for this particular post to get something I need to do out of the way. Consider this a celebration of out with the old and in with the new. Plus its always a great feeling conquer something you have never done before. See the book mentioned below for this recipe and many other delicious ones! (p.s. these are vegan and easily gluten free with swapping of rice flour!)

Side Note: I have always found it so interesting that each culture has their own version of the dumpling be it a kreplach, pierogie or gyoza... maybe I will try to make all of them... just sayin'

Unless you plan on frying your dumplings you're going to need one of these
Food processor + carrots + cabbage + shitake Mushrooms + sesame oil = yummy filling

Really great book... you can buy it here

Roll out dough into a log and cut 1/2 inch pieces to start rolling from (don't forget to flour your surface)
My attempt at a circle... my the dough is really forgiving so you cant tell its sort of heart shaped when your'e done!
Stuff with stuff...
Fold in half and pleat the edges starting from one side and going across
Refrigerate or freeze them until you are ready to steam! (steam for 8 minutes)
Sorry about my flour covered hands

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