Friday, March 18, 2011

Pop Culture

"Pops" are all the rage these days apparently! Take something fun and sweet and put it on a stick... why not!? When I was traveling in Thailand last year I noticed they pretty much have had the "food on a stick" thing down for sometime now (as does the rest of the street vending world).

Below is a SHORTBREAD NYC favorite/ vegan cookies n' cream truffles topped with fleur de sel - but they are not usually on sticks... Due to all the rage I decided what the hell... pretty cute heh?

And last year for a dental gift basket were our sweet tooth pops... Is that a cavity?

And then of course we have The Man Repeller sporting the moustache pop...

And don't forget about the QUEEN OF POP - Bakerella, who makes the most adorable cake pops and just came out with a new book showcasing all of her deliciously creative creations!

image via

Hope you enjoyed this little ODE TO POP :D

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