Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Chocolate Cake & Lasting Friendships

A few years ago while on a trip to Poland I was sitting quietly when I noticed a girl about my age sitting next to me... We got to talking and realized that among several common interests, we were both graphic designers and attended similar art schools in our respective home states. 8 years later and we have managed to stay such great friends despite our long distance. What does this have to do with chocolate cake you ask?? Well this dear friend of mine came to Boston a few weeks ago for a photo shoot and of course we couldn't resist creating one of our own. After our grand driving tour of Boston we cozied up to my parent's kitchen to make (AND EAT) a simply decadent chocolate cake. What else is a best friend for if not sharing a cake together? (Click here for the recipe.)

Thank you Marisa for the stunning photos. You are an unbelievably talented photographer and I hope we will continue to partner up to create and capture memorable moments. Click here to see more of her photography and the rest of our day in Boston.


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