Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Let's Get Ready to CRUMBLE!

Truth be told, although I have to represent my home town Pats, I'm not particularly a football fan... (don't kill me :D) that being said, I still have to make the cookies! This week we are featuring some delicious Super Bowl XLV cookies on Baking for Good.com. 15% goes to the charity of your choice! Click here to be directed to purchase your favorite team or a mix of the two. May the best team win!

"Are you ready for some football (cookies)?! No matter whose side you're taking on February 6, we can all agree that these cookies will be a winner. Order a mix of Packers and Steelers cookies or show your allegiance for just one team. Either way, we guarantee they'll be a fan favorite!"

Thanks Eli for your Football knowledge help! without you the jersey numbers would have been 1-6 :D

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