Monday, June 21, 2010

Live free, or PIE hard!

What's more perfect for a night time summer dessert than, PIE?! Well I'll tell you whats better than that... GETTING TO EAT THE WHOLE THING! It all started about a month ago when I left my doctors office... it happens to be right next door to one of the most glorious stores in the world, WILLIAMS SONOMA! I think I even have a gravitational pull into that store! Anyway the bakeware force pulled me into the store and among a cart full of other items, I found these amazing pie pocket molds! So, I spent this past weekend with my family in Boston for father's day and I made these pies for dessert with a deliciously tart and sweet mixed berry filling! Not to mention the lemon whip topping that added some great texture and tangy finnish! They are super easy, fun and delicious to make! Sure to be a crowd pleaser! Hope you enjoy!

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