Saturday, May 22, 2010

Spidy Senses Cake!

What do little boys want for their birthday aside from sports equipment and every lego set? A SPIDERMAN THEMED PARTY!! As a matter of fact I think the same goes for grown boys as well! We made 2 spiderman cakes for 2 brothers who share the same birth day... But of course one chocolate and one vanilla! The weirdest thing happened when making the frosting thougH! No matter how much red food coloring we used the frosting stayed purple... so we put the frosted cake in the refrigerator and went to lunch... When we can back from lunch and took it out I started to carve the already laid frosting to smooth things out and underneath its annoyingly purple exterior, red started to come through and turned into this glorious masterpiece... the spidy gods were lookin out for us on this one! :D Who ever heard of a purple spiderman!!??


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