Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Gayest Cake

Yup we did it! The gayest cake possible! My friend Michael and I decided to whip this up one sunday afternoon... nothin to do...lets make a RAINBOW CAKE!! It's so simple anyone can do it! You can obviously make the white cake from scratch but if you're in a rush you can follow the few steps that I listed below! Happy Gay Caking!!

Rainbow Cake
1 Package of White Cake
1 Package of multi colored food coloring
Frosting of your choice (we made our own cream cheese frosting YUM)

Follow the directions on the box and the divide batter among as many bowls as you want layers to your cake. Color each bowl according to the rainbow (follow chart below or email us for a PDF or Hard Copy)... Bake according to the box the layer with a frosting of your choice! ENJOY!

apparently we love rainbows??

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