ABOUT JENNA   |   Jenna Short is the CEO, Baker & Designer of Shortbread NYC

I AM a princess that wears hiking boots. I am a world traveler. I love oatmeal and bananas. I have three favorite colors, rainbow is one of them. My brother is my best friend. I practice yoga everyday. I am an old soul. I am a born and raised "Bean-eater". I probably should wear a helmet. My parents think I look like a duck. It's important to be well seasoned, food or otherwise. I prefer to watch the winter Olympics. I start every day with green tea. I live what I love, I love what I do. I was a figure skater for 14 years. I stop breathing if I eat any dairy products. I think a good PB & J can solve problems. I have lived in Israel, Italy, London, Sweden, Boston & NYC. I am serious but I'm ready to party -oh and anything with Paul Rudd in it is always a good time. I love getting lost in new cities. Great lyrics make my soul sing. I love hiking, skiing & camping... really anything in snow or dirt. I don't watch TV, nor do I own one. I believe in love at first sight...
but maybe I need glasses? My pot roast would blow your mind. Saturday nights are for art projects. I try to go somewhere I have never been every year. I don't wear high heels... unless you pay for the cab ride. I make up words. Karaoke terrifies me. My hair is my super power. I believe that life is all about the zest.


Healthy Parties & Delicious Baked Goods catered to your dietary needs! Healthy handmade baked goods without the added guilt! We never use butter or oil (unless requested), and all orders are custom to suit your dietary requirements. Whether you are vegan, lactose intolerant, celiac OR diabetic, we assure you you will never go hungry with SHORTBREAD NYC. Our delicious baked goods melt in your mouth, with a decadent flavor. Best of all... you can always go back for seconds! We specialize in gluten free, vegan, dairy free, kosher, egg free, sugar free, fat free, low calorie, wheat free, and anything else you can think of! Shortbread NYC is a boutique event planning & design company that focuses on creating the most unique and charming events. Each event is filled with inspiring details and, of course, delicious desserts that will have your guests remembering your special day for a lifetime. We love building events around a theme to reflect the personality of your event. Life is about celebrating any chance we get so EAT DRINK & USE SHORTBREAD!

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