Sunday, April 10, 2011

No Worries Down Under

So any of you who follow my blog religiously may be curious as to why I have not posted for 3 weeks... well it just so happens I was off on an adventure in Australia. and quite and adventure it was! I did blog about all my experiences and food adventures along the way but I will not bore you with the written details when all you really want to see are pictures. And a recipe below! Some of the great food finds along the way if you ever find yourself on the other side of the world include (but are absolutly not limited to...) Mamak (Malaysian roti) Iggy's Down Under (Amazing Bread Bakery) Yoshii (Sushi) Bavarian Bier Cafe (Self explanatory... great beer selection and flaky pretzels) Shangahi Dumpling (Dumpling and noodle bar) Cookie (Some of the best Thai food I have had outside of Thailand... it even competes with Wondee Siam in NYC) and many many more! Plus I still have 2 days left down under so you never know what good eats are in store for me. I will be back shortly so stay tuned for some fantastic new passover dessert recipes on their way! Enjoy and thanks for reading.

Bay of Fires, Tassie
a staple throughout the trip... when in doubt... PB&J. And while hiking and sleeping in a car for 4 days we had our fair share of pb sandies and vino
most of my pictures involve a bottle of wine... a combo of the fact that I'm on vacation and that wine is dirt cheap here! On a serious note the wines here are fantastic and all of the wine regions produce solid bottles of wine. I haven't had one yet that wasn't fantastic. I did a tour through the Tamar Valley in Tasmania and Hunter Valley in NSW Sydney. They are most known in the states for their Shiraz but the Rieslings and Chardonnays are very different to what we are used to from home are such easy drinking beach wines... I should know I did my fair share of "research" this trip!
didn't like kiwis until 3 weeks ago and now I have at least one a day since I have been here. Not at all grainy like I am used to and so fresh and tropical, makes the experience come full circle.

annoying parrot that wouldn't get off of me
dumplings at the Shanghai Dumpling house... $4 for 10 dumplings... I had to try them all and they did not disappoint... especially the pumpkin pie dumplings... mmmmm I am used to the standard mushroom, veggie, chicken and the like but this shop was definitely up to the task of experimentation. There were lines out the door and had an incredible turn around.
yep worlds most expensive cupcake! A cupcake shop in Melbourne (and I believe it is also a chain around Australia) sell all your typical "crumbs style" cupcakes but some massive ones too... That is some serious frosting going on!
a coffee house filled wall to wall with galvanized buckets of coffee beans from around the world as well as some local favorites! Coffee and coffee shops are a very popular commodity here in Australia- not unlike NYC, although its more of an additive substance we need to function daily where I'm from 
the cities are filled with back alley ways, lanes and great bakeries and coffee shops
and of course great local produce markets, stands and vendors line the streets
dragonfruit and other exotic oddities at Paddy's Market, Sydney
The Strand in Sydney is full of all local Australian fashion designers and shops. I was more fascinated by the architecture of the building and how quaint it felt through all 5 stories.
Daintree Rainforest & Mossman Gorge, Port Douglas. We were going to go swimming when we got there but there was a woman stuck in the water and the medics had swarmed the place... we opted for a quick hike then scooted out way back into the city.
Staying in a place by the sea with a kitchen and grill... we couldn't help but make our very own grilled fish tacos
...and don't forget corn on the cob
want a bite?
yoga on the rocks in Bay of Fires, Tassie
Crandle Mountain, Tassie
While in Melbourne I stayed with an old friend from when I was living in London. Of course I couldn't pass up the opportunity to watch the Australian Martha Stewart Eqivallent exersize her culinary finesse! In the episode we watched she gave a recipe for a 1 pot chinese chicken... now I have no made it but it looked super delicious and easy and will for sure be one of the first things I make when I get home!

Donna Hay's 1 Pot Chinese Chicken
3 cups Chicken Stock
4 Cloves Garlic, Halved
6 Large Slices of Ginger
1 large Green Chili, Rough Sliced
1 1/2 cup Jasmine Rice
6 chicken thighs
Green Onions
Salt and Pepper to Taste

Add first 4 ingredients to a shallow wide pot and bring to boil. Then add the Jasmine Rice, stir and bring back to a boil. Then add the Chicken Thigh Fillets season with salt and pepper and cover, cook for 20 minutes. Garnish with Green onions and cilantro to serve. ENJOY!

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